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A Vocal Masterpiece
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9th-Feb-2009 05:53 pm - hi

22nd-Dec-2008 02:13 am - Winter Wonderland
The weather has been quite snippy lately. Jack Frost has been nipping at my nose and tickeling my vocal chords. I have been having the pleasure of christmas caroling and eating candy canes.

Happy Holidays

Robert Goulet.
16th-Dec-2008 03:51 pm - Get Well Soon Gabriel
Ladies and Gentlemen we have a BIG PROBLEM. I would never use all caps unless it was a very very very grave concern. As you know I'm a big fan of the band called Cobra Starship. Their vocalist (a fine young gentlman by the name of Gabe Saporta) is having a drastic surgery in order to keep his fine angelic voice. If he is no longer able to sing it will be the (actual) death of me. So please send him your well wishes, we cannot lose another great vocalist such as Gabriel.

Here is the community to post to:

Peace Out
Papa G
16th-Dec-2008 03:22 pm - Hello Fellows
It's me good old RG again. I hope everbody has a wonderful holiday season. Don't forget to send me a gift....i like chocolate and foreign cars.
8th-Dec-2008 09:42 pm - Greetings
Greetings Livejournalers,
It is I, Sir Robert Goulet, and I am here to tell you about the wonderful happenings of my life. It is believed that I am dead, but truth of the matter is I'm alive and kickin'. It is late so I will make this posting short. I am god. Goodnight I must retire to the bed chambers.

Sir R. Goulet.
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